Fabio Ravanelli, MSc

Simulation engineer.

My job consist of predicting the future! To do so I rely on a solid formation in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, the basic building blocks of any simulation. Simulations are used everywhere in our daily life, before we leaving home we check the weather forecast, as we are driving our gps will assess the best route and the estimated time to arrive at our destination. We use simulations in our daily lives all the time without noticing!
Simulation is essentially a mathematical description of any phenomena that we want to mimic (imitate), for example the weather, or the fluid flow in a porous media (hydrocarbon reservoir). Simulation models are created based on a large dataset of historical findings and mathematical equations that mimic these events being represented.


I have worked for Aramco, the largest operator in the planet. Previously I worked for Accenture, developing software for risk management


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